• MEP engineering & contracting partner

    Advanced technologies & solutions for innovative infrastructures and buildings

  • Infrastructures

    Cutting-edged facilities for road tunnels, public lighting, airports and stations. ELEF projects make infrastructures more efficient and harmonised within the context in which they operate.

  • Industries

    ELEF can optimise production processes, reduce power consumption, increase the efficiency of effluent and waste disposal systems, and improve working conditions and safety in production plants.

  • Buildings

    Public and Private Service Sector, Directional Sector, New Innovative Property Development Projects: wherever there is a need for advanced and intelligent integrated systems, ELEF is the one.

  • Wind eolic lighting

    Il futuro dell’illuminazione pubblica, con lampioni fotovoltaici ed eolici.

  • Motorized mobile gate

    The Motorized Mobile Gate is a movable structure, properly anchored to the ground, made up of metal parts, wheels, steering columns actuators and numerous high-tech components.


Innovation means constantly looking for new ideas, to seek out the most reliable and efficient solutions.

ELEF is an Italian company founded in 1978 and based in Vicenza, with operating subsidiaries in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) and Belgrade (Serbia). Over the past 40 years, our business has evolved hand-in-hand with major technical and technological advances in various interrelated fields: civil, industrial, electrical, mechanical, electronic and safety engineering are all involved in the complex installations that ELEF designs and constructs around the world to support infrastructures (motorway tunnels, roads, public lighting, airports, ports and railways), industrial complexes, and large private and public buildings (hospitals, shopping centres, cinemas, hotels and resorts).

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