• Health, Safety, Environment.
    A clean workplace is good for everyone.

We operate only under stringent quality standards.
ELEF’s certifications.

Total quality is not sufficient to create value and improve everyone’s lives. It is essential to work with the utmost respect for everyone’s health, every day, fully safeguarding both people and the environment. That is why ELEF pays special attention to technological innovations and the continuous updating of regulations governing the safety of facilities.

Every person within the ELEF team is responsible for quality, health and environmental safety.

With this ethos and a wholehearted willingness to make it the cornerstone of every project, ELEF looks ahead to keep creating added value for every project.

ELEF is certified and operates in compliance with:
UNI EN ISO 9001:15  |  UNI EN ISO 14001:15  |  OHSAS 18001:07

General Categories
OG 1 Ranking III  |  OG 3 Ranking V  |  OG 10 Ranking VIII  |  OG 11 Ranking VIII

Special Categories
OS 9 Ranking IV  |  OS 28 Ranking III-Bis  |  OS 30 Ranking IV

Local authorizations in Denmark
Electrical Authorization number EFUL-13406
Water, drainage, and plumbing Authorization number VDVA-13472