Advanced and smart integrated systems for large buildings.

Every large building is like a living organism that interacts with the people inside it. It has cameras and sensors for observing; a ventilation and air-conditioning system for breathing; sound and voice broadcasting systems for communicating; fire systems that sniff out danger in the air; escalators, elevators and other mobility devices; electrical systems that provide energy and thermal systems that supply heat; illumination systems that adapt as lighting conditions change from day to night; water and sewage networks that regulate outward flows, and so on. ELEF creates technologies that make these buildings more efficient from an energy and environmental point of view, but also more comfortable and functional for the people who live there, by applying the principles of home automation and ergonomics.
Hospitals, cinemas, shopping centres, banks and large offices, museums, hotels and tourist resorts: wherever there is a need for advanced and smart integrated systems, ELEF delivers.