Fully integrated software package

Integrated management software

Package software systems for motorway and tunnel management, monitoring and traffic surveillance.

Motorway operators have to deal everyday with many different challenging issues, such as increased public awareness, safety, performance, investment recovery and speed of technological change. Operators must also ensure that all stakeholders, such as police, ambulance, fire fighters and drivers, have access to up-to-date and reliable information. ELEF’s fully integrated software package system is the solution for these requirements. We develop the software, setup all equipment and test new technologies.

Traffic Surveillance and Management

Support to traffic surveillance in order to allow the dedicated teams (police, fire brigade, maintenance, ambulance, etc..) to operate promptly and efficiently. It operates in automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode with predefined or user-modifiable scenarios and sequences of actions.

SCADA / Fully MEP Supervisory Control

The main objective of this software package is to provide and to ensure easy accessibility, monitoring and control to all equipment installed in motorways and road tunnels.

• Customizable according to requirements
• Mobile ready
• Real time troubleshooting
• Helps maintenance scheduling

Traffic Control Room Management

Advanced dedicated tools for efficiency improvement in traffic management.

• Manages simultaneous events
• Supports event management through preset night/day scenarios
• Totally coordinated with SCADA
• Supports operators and coordinators in the decision making process
• Two different levels of user profiles: operator and coordinator
• Real time feedback
• Provides route analytics
• Direct contact with external stakeholders

Maintenance Optimization

Dedicated software tools for maintenance improvement.

• Two different levels of maintenance user profiles: technician and team leader
• Totally coordinated with SCADA
• Equipment statistics and metering
• Full maintenance progress management

The fully integrated software package.
The pivotal issue, when speaking of technological systems in roads or tunnels, is their integration into a unified control and management platform; system integration is actually extremely important in terms of efficiency, correct operation, security and safety, because a centralized control platform in a dedicated control room guarantees constant and complete supervisory control and monitoring and allows operators to promptly detect and manage any undesirable event.
Our control room solution, with the most advanced hardware / software equipment, meets the strictest requirements:
• A high-performance network for the transmission of data collected on roads and along tunnels, using open standard protocols for maximum interoperability
• A dedicated server infrastructure, with physical and virtual machines
• A high-capacity data storage system
• An advanced videowall system for the real time display of images coming from roads and tunnels
• Cybersecurity, which also allows secure remote control through VPNs (virtual private networks)
• A totally integrated, remotable and scalable SCADA platform
• Our dedicated software for traffic event management, which supports operators and coordinators in their decision-making process
• Maintenance/ticketing software for a complete and thorough management of maintenance and its ticketing service
The following solutions can be implemented in order to deploy the latest technology:
• Cloud computing for the management of multisite data and their cloud storage without using standalone in-house infrastructures
• Augmented reality for the enhancement of maintenance and asset management possibilities