• Photovoltaic street light powered by wind

Photovoltaic systems, designed for urban lighting, make it possible to create a lighting network, exploiting solar energy, even in areas with no electrical grid, where reaching the nearest power line is difficult, or where excavations would result in heavy costs which cannot be justified. It is the ideal combination of technological innovation and energy saving, with complete respect for the environment, ensuring adequate lighting in accordance with current regulations.
  • Illumination of areas where there is no electricity
  • No excavations with financial viability issues
  • Energy saving
  • Low maintenance
  • High economic return
  • Green energy: no CO2 emissions in the atmosphere

Meet your sustainability goals
Our hybrid model operates entirely off-grid using energy that is freely available from the wind and the sun.

Reach new locations
ELEF public lighting can be installed in remote locations where the electrical grid is not accessible.

Reduce costs
Avoid public lighting network connection costs.
Put the foundations in place, install the public lighting and never pay for energy.

Our solutions are a tangible sign of your will and commitment to the environment.
With three days of back-up battery power, you need not worry if the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow.