Road tunnels

Complete solutions for design, engineering, supply
and installation of electromechanical works, management,
monitoring and control systems.

Design and Engineering of electromechanical and IT systems for road tunnels.
All design and engineering needs from one source.

facilities for road tunnels, street lighting, airports, train and metro stations, substations, data transmission systems, automation systems and telecommunication networks…

ELEF can provide design and engineering for the following sectors/project’s sections:

Electromechanical systems

  • tunnel power distribution (networks, substations, UPS, emergency)
  • lighting and ventilation systems
  • fire detection and extinguishing
  • variable message signs, traffic lights, SOS, PA, Telephone network and emergency call
  • CCTV and Video control system
  • weather and visibility data, carbon monoxide concentration.
  • IP network cabling for data, video and audio
  • IT equipment, installation and commissioning
In-house development of IT applications, equipment operating logic, software engineering and development.
  • design of road tunnel management, monitoring and control systems
  • development of appropriate application software
  • automatic Incident Detection
  • emergency management scenario
  • traffic monitoring and management
  • video surveillance systems
  • communication with external systems
  • local and remote monitoring and control centres
  • mobile applications
  • equipment monitoring, metering data and statistics
  • IP networking, data centres, storage, servers, video wall
  • VOIP and Radio-communications system
Supply and installation of electromechanical and IT equipment and systems.

Works properly done and on schedule are the keys of ELEF’s success on projects implementation.
Based on over 200 km of implemented projects know-how and experiences, we are able to provide added value turn-key solutions to our clients.

With a pool of highly qualified professional engineers, ELEF can provide design, supply, installation, commissioning, services for electromechanical systems and IT equipment with dedicated specialist and manpower for each-one of the specialties.
Each site has its own history; each site provides us with useful information to improve the design and the selection of equipment to improve product quality, increase the reliability of the installations and reduce operating costs.
Working closely with clients, we employ knowledge and expertise gained from years of hands-on experience in design and construction to deliver optimal road tunnels solutions.

Management, monitoring and control systems.

Today’s tunnels are longer, larger, safer and more sophisticated than ever.
ELEF supply, install and start-up solutions for road tunnel management, monitoring and control that can handle multi-centres and multi-tunnel/regional centres systems.

ELEF supplies complete solutions for road tunnels management; systems, traffic and security are constantly under monitoring and control. For effective tunnel control, several subsystems must be integrated into a consistent system. Its proper functioning is most important in emergency cases, when it must timely provide all necessary information on the tunnel state to the tunnel operating personnel and external services.
Comprehensive road tunnel management, monitoring and control can operate in automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode with predefined or user modifiable scenario/sequence of actions.
Tunnel control centre permits management, monitoring and control of all technical equipment of the road tunnel systems such as but not limited to: Power supply, ventilation,lighting, emergency call system, video monitoring, traffic analysis, traffic control, incident detection, fire detection, fire fighting.

local control centre

regional control centre